Friday, March 9, 2012

If walls could talk...

If walls could talk...they would say dress me up! When designing a room many remember the flooring, the windows, and how to fill the space with furniture, but overlook the oh so important walls themselves!  You can dress up your walls with something as simple and easy as photos of you and your friends and family...or go the extra mile with a gallery of art or a collection of mirrors.  Wall accessories can be bought or collected over time from your travels, or can be put together from a fun trip to your local re-sale shop. Take a look at art, plates, shelves, photos, mirrors, or even just the frames! After you've figured out what is going on the wall, the next, and possibly most difficult step, is to figure out how you are going to place them on the wall! A rule of thumb is that the individual piece or the cluster of pieces should be hung at eye level.  There are so many different ways to place wall art that you almost can’t go wrong! Be creative and have fun with it! The worst that can happen is you won’t like it and then you can always take them down and re-hang them! See some inspiring looks I found below, while surfing the internet.

A layered look.

Artwork on a chalk board! Genius and fun!

Mirror mirror on the wall...

A more eclectic look.

Hangers! that's creative and cost efficient!

Feminine silhouettes. 

Frames on a dramatic back drop.

Do-it-yourself dioramas. (Always were one of my favorite school projects!)

A collection of letters and numbers to create a more graphic look.

Plates...not only for eating! ;)

Clean and symmetrical.

Creativity at its finest! Easily switch your favorite images in and out depending on your mood, season, etc. LOVE this look!

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