Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Historical Mansions - Design Through the Ages

Wow! These gorgeous historical mansions are a great example of how design evolves through the years. Homes are built and designed so much differently nowadays, yet hold the same purpose and meaning to the people and families who inhabit them.  Many people may still enjoy this same style of design and decor as what was beautiful a hundred years ago, while others may opt for a much more clean, sleek and minimalist surrounding. Whether your taste is traditional and over the top or contemporary and streamline...you can't help but admit these homes are beyond beautiful and it is unfortunate that they stand empty today. What do you all think?! Would you like to live in a home like the ones in this article?!?!

Check out the article and slideshow by clicking here.


  1. Beautiful, I wouldn't know what to do with all the space.


    1. I knooow!!! I totally agree with you Lacey! Beautiful but a bit much for me...maybe a little spooky too! Love your blog, and thank you so much for checking out My Maison...I really appreciate feedback from my readers!